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Nov. 12th, 2006

Little Ranger (for the new Grandpa King!

sleep stupidity

Last night was the worst night yet in terms of hip/sciatic pain. I stayed up late, thinking that since I was tired, I'd sleep better/more deeply... yeah, that was idiotic. I was up 4 times between 2:30 - 6:30 and awake from 4:30 for about an hour. For no reason. Even Baby Eff was like yo, go to sleep, mother... and the side that was hurting me WAS HURTING WITHOUT ME EVEN SLEEPING ON IT. Harsh or what? 

Anyway, slept thru until 10am finally and have felt sleepy all day - but that didn't stop me doing the first bit of work in the kitchen - cleaning one end of the counter that has been loaded with junk for about, uh, 2 years. Now it's soothingly clean and tidy and makes that side of the kitchen feel really spacious and relaxing. Whoot for the nesting instinct - one job down, 274 to go (at least!).

So, because I can't help myself, here's what I think my week is looking like...

Mon: 36 week appt at dr's, 8:20am (wot was I thinking?!)
Tues: aqua 10am; antenatal exercise class 11:30; nap in the afternoon; first antenatal class with A @ hospital, 7:30pm
Weds: cleaning day?
Thurs: same morning/gym routine as Tuesday unless I found it too exhausting (just looking at it is making me tired, TBH!)
Fri: no clue yet...

Nov. 11th, 2006

I've got a Big Ole Head! - 12 weeks

30 day countdown

As I am officially on maternity leave AND given that one month from today is Baby Eff's due date, I am going to try to record a little something every day on here from now until s/he arrives.

So... just back from aqua. Lovely to be in the water. Just been kiced so hard in the ribs that I actually flinched in pain. Starving. Going to go scoff some smoked salmon on brown toast with a cup of tea (breakfast #2).

I feel like a whale!

Nov. 1st, 2006

I've got a Big Ole Head! - 12 weeks


pregnancy calendar

According to the midwife & sonographer yesterday, they put Baby Eff around the 6lb 10z mark... but the Baby Gaga site says this:

YOU ARE IN WEEK 34: Your baby has reached nearly five pounds this week and is almost 18 inches long!

Uh... hrm... Baby Eff is a fatso?!?

40 days. Thank *&*^% for that...

Oct. 31st, 2006

Chug-a-lug! Baby Eff - 21 weeks

34 weeks & hospital update - more great news!

So today was the extra scan that the Registrar Midwife signed me up for early on in my pregnancy, for no reason other than my age and the BP issues I was having early on... so in we went to Queen Mary's for the last time (unless I go overdue by more than a week) and met with the scanner lady who scanned Baby Eff early on (can't remember which one), and it was LOVELY! Baby Eff's development is "textbook" and on the larger side (currently estimated around 6lbs 10oz but that is just an estimate, she stressed, and I know from other mamas' experiences that it's not a precise science). She asked me one of those good but bad questions, "do large heads run in your family?", so onwards and upwards with the perineal massage!!! We got to see Baby Eff's femur and kidneys and heart and (full) bladder, too... good stuff!

We then had our appt with one of the consultant midwives, which was great - I had a trace of sugar in my urine but she said at this stage, it's absolutely fine and not a concern and best of all, my BP was 130/80 - whooooooooooooooot! I am so close to being able to start at the birthing unit, I just can't believe it! It's fan-diddly-tastic. Rest of the appt was unremarkable, which is very nice - had my second Anti-D injection, agreed to have my Strep B test at 36 weeks (and if for some reason my dr doesn't want to, then I am just going to pay the flipping £36 and do it privately. I'm so tired of getting a slight runaround on wanting the test, enough's enough...) and had blood taken swiftly by a midwive with the kind of voice that could lull you to sleep in about 10 minutes. She was very nice, tho, and wished me a happy bday when she realised that it was today.

So all in all, a fabulous day. Plus we bought a hospital bag and a changing mat for the table (went for the neutral one with sloped edges) and scoped out more cute gear in various baby stores but resisted the urge to do more spendy spendy...

Oct. 13th, 2006

Chug-a-lug! Baby Eff - 21 weeks

back to le hospital again...

I am working so hard at trusting my body to allow Baby Eff to be born healthy and well... but after the last week of being full of cold and not sleeping well (if at all) combined with my perception that Baby Eff wasn't moving as much a previously (and I mean I sharp drop-off), yup, we ended up at the hospital again tonight. Same routine as before and same wonderful and relieving outcome but oy... so nerve-wracking. I think basically I had no business going to work today (even tho I did achieve everything I needed to plus got lots of praise for how good my planning and prep is for next Wednesday) and frankly, enough is enough with putting Baby Eff's health and MINE behind working. No more. No way. 

So, we got another trace for the baby book AND we ended up on getting to go to the Malden Suite cos the antenatal ward was busy - so we were in one of the birthing suites with a HUUUUUUUUGE birthing pool. It was great to see it and spend time and see for ourselves what our goal is (i.e., for this pregnancy to finish up as well as it's been going BP-wise) and why I've been working so hard to take care of me and Baby Eff. So - fingers crossed.

Plus the midwife didn't make me feel stupid for worrying. I know, why would she - but still, I worry about seeming like a pain in the arse. Still - on balance, I'd rather be a pain in the arse cuddling a wriggly baby in 8 weeks than the other option.


Also, we ordered the cot and changer last night from John Lewis. Coming in 2 weeks! Yeeeek!

Oct. 11th, 2006

Chug-a-lug! Baby Eff - 21 weeks

By the way...

2 months from today is Baby Eff's due date!
I've got a Big Ole Head! - 12 weeks


Click for a sneak peak at the girls names we like!

Click for the one boy name that we almost agree on (Daddy is finally seeing sense!)

Click for boy names I love that A hates and won't consider (meanie!)

Click for girl names I love that A hates and won't consider (double meanie!)


for all of  the boy names that poor Auntie Kar suggested, all of which A found fault with.... (for the record, I liked several of these!)

Click for the boy name we liked AND agreed on but that friends who are having a boy before Baby Eff is due have decided to name their son. Hrmph.

What do YOU think?
I've got a Big Ole Head! - 12 weeks


This is the place to come to read all about Baby Eff's progress towards arriving on the planet safe & sound on 11 December! I will do my best to update once a week but please be patient - this baby-growing stuff is exhausting work!

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