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I've got a Big Ole Head! - 12 weeks


Abigail or Matilda
for a sneak peak at the girls names we like!

for the one boy name that we almost agree on (Daddy is finally seeing sense!)

Boys: Mason, Hunter or Carter
for boy names I love that A hates and won't consider (meanie!)

Harper or James
for girl names I love that A hates and won't consider (double meanie!)


Alex, Mark, Marcus, Phillip, Colin, Craig, Jeremy, Scott, Victor, Jared, Gabriel, Lee, Ben, Alan, Finlay, Casey, Will, Emerson, Douglas, Dean,
Elliot, Neal/Neil, Alec/Alek/Alick, Adam, Dylan/Dillan, Edward, Evan, Ian, Isaac, Kyle, Patrick , Raymond, Ryan, Samuel, Simon, Spencer, Thomas, Asa, Clifton, Garren, Griffin, Laird, Quinton/Quinten (not Quentin), Robertson, Tate, Walker , Emmet/Emmett, Everett, Amos, Haywood, Hollis, Linwood, Tucker, Emery, Connor, Hayward, Hayes, Hayden, Henderson, Hilliard, Linton, Merritt, Weston, Wilson, Gideon, Henery, Linus, Lucien, Nico, Oakley, Reese, Silas

for all of  the boy names that poor Auntie Kar suggested, all of which A found fault with.... (for the record, I liked several of these!)

for the boy name we liked AND agreed on but that friends who are having a boy before Baby Eff is due have decided to name their son. Hrmph.

What do YOU think?


Of the girls' names, I think I prefer Matilda because a nickname for it could be "Mattie," which I like because it's spunky. I had a friend in middle school named Margaret who we called Mattie and that was cool. Tilda or Tillie are cute, too. If you are a no-nicknames type, like me, I prefer Abigail.

Miller is good--I prefer it to the three names you like that A doesn't. How about Mills? Sassy variation (or, what word would you use for a boy who is sassy? "spunky?").

Will the middle name be King?
Yeah, it's hard to decide between the two girl names. I like Abigail as Abigail but not Abi or (gawdforbid) Gail. Matilda I love tho prefer it spelt Mathilde but A is balking at the French spelling - his argument is, "we're not French". Le hrmph to that.

I guess if a girl comes out, we'll just have to see which one suits her.

I am keen to have a second option for a boy just in case he comes out and clearly *isn't* a Miller, tho I am so in love with the idea of having a son called Miller...

Middle NAMES... erk. That's a whole other post. I want 2 (cos I'm greedy like that) and for a girl I do like both Harper (yup, as in Lee) and Jean (a family name) along with 1,748 other possibilities. One of my great grandmas was Lillian Hoxie - if Hoxie isn't begging to be used, I dunno what is!

Probably won't stick King anywhere in there - we've got lots of eccentric family names to choose from (Barrington, Hoxie, Shaw, Gibbons, Chick to name a few).

I looove Hayden. I imagine Hayden to be a vey sweet-natured little boy and a handsome guy.

And I really like Abigail. Just because my boss's neighbour has a little girl named Abigail and if you call her Abby she tells you, "My full name is Abigail Rose Stein. You can call me Abigail".... she's *two* hehehe
I am encouraged that there is another Abigail out there who isn't an Abby/Abbie/Abi - I only like Abigail, none of the short versions.

Unfortunately Hayden is one of my SD's uncles so it's not an option! And no comment on your interpretation of what a Hayden would be like - another one, perhaps, but that one, uh... nope. Heh.
I've got a Big Ole Head! - 12 weeks

November 2006

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