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Little Ranger (for the new Grandpa King!

sleep stupidity

Last night was the worst night yet in terms of hip/sciatic pain. I stayed up late, thinking that since I was tired, I'd sleep better/more deeply... yeah, that was idiotic. I was up 4 times between 2:30 - 6:30 and awake from 4:30 for about an hour. For no reason. Even Baby Eff was like yo, go to sleep, mother... and the side that was hurting me WAS HURTING WITHOUT ME EVEN SLEEPING ON IT. Harsh or what? 

Anyway, slept thru until 10am finally and have felt sleepy all day - but that didn't stop me doing the first bit of work in the kitchen - cleaning one end of the counter that has been loaded with junk for about, uh, 2 years. Now it's soothingly clean and tidy and makes that side of the kitchen feel really spacious and relaxing. Whoot for the nesting instinct - one job down, 274 to go (at least!).

So, because I can't help myself, here's what I think my week is looking like...

Mon: 36 week appt at dr's, 8:20am (wot was I thinking?!)
Tues: aqua 10am; antenatal exercise class 11:30; nap in the afternoon; first antenatal class with A @ hospital, 7:30pm
Weds: cleaning day?
Thurs: same morning/gym routine as Tuesday unless I found it too exhausting (just looking at it is making me tired, TBH!)
Fri: no clue yet...


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November 2006

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