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Chug-a-lug! Baby Eff - 21 weeks

34 weeks & hospital update - more great news!

So today was the extra scan that the Registrar Midwife signed me up for early on in my pregnancy, for no reason other than my age and the BP issues I was having early on... so in we went to Queen Mary's for the last time (unless I go overdue by more than a week) and met with the scanner lady who scanned Baby Eff early on (can't remember which one), and it was LOVELY! Baby Eff's development is "textbook" and on the larger side (currently estimated around 6lbs 10oz but that is just an estimate, she stressed, and I know from other mamas' experiences that it's not a precise science). She asked me one of those good but bad questions, "do large heads run in your family?", so onwards and upwards with the perineal massage!!! We got to see Baby Eff's femur and kidneys and heart and (full) bladder, too... good stuff!

We then had our appt with one of the consultant midwives, which was great - I had a trace of sugar in my urine but she said at this stage, it's absolutely fine and not a concern and best of all, my BP was 130/80 - whooooooooooooooot! I am so close to being able to start at the birthing unit, I just can't believe it! It's fan-diddly-tastic. Rest of the appt was unremarkable, which is very nice - had my second Anti-D injection, agreed to have my Strep B test at 36 weeks (and if for some reason my dr doesn't want to, then I am just going to pay the flipping £36 and do it privately. I'm so tired of getting a slight runaround on wanting the test, enough's enough...) and had blood taken swiftly by a midwive with the kind of voice that could lull you to sleep in about 10 minutes. She was very nice, tho, and wished me a happy bday when she realised that it was today.

So all in all, a fabulous day. Plus we bought a hospital bag and a changing mat for the table (went for the neutral one with sloped edges) and scoped out more cute gear in various baby stores but resisted the urge to do more spendy spendy...


I've got a Big Ole Head! - 12 weeks

November 2006

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