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Chug-a-lug! Baby Eff - 21 weeks

back to le hospital again...

I am working so hard at trusting my body to allow Baby Eff to be born healthy and well... but after the last week of being full of cold and not sleeping well (if at all) combined with my perception that Baby Eff wasn't moving as much a previously (and I mean I sharp drop-off), yup, we ended up at the hospital again tonight. Same routine as before and same wonderful and relieving outcome but oy... so nerve-wracking. I think basically I had no business going to work today (even tho I did achieve everything I needed to plus got lots of praise for how good my planning and prep is for next Wednesday) and frankly, enough is enough with putting Baby Eff's health and MINE behind working. No more. No way. 

So, we got another trace for the baby book AND we ended up on getting to go to the Malden Suite cos the antenatal ward was busy - so we were in one of the birthing suites with a HUUUUUUUUGE birthing pool. It was great to see it and spend time and see for ourselves what our goal is (i.e., for this pregnancy to finish up as well as it's been going BP-wise) and why I've been working so hard to take care of me and Baby Eff. So - fingers crossed.

Plus the midwife didn't make me feel stupid for worrying. I know, why would she - but still, I worry about seeming like a pain in the arse. Still - on balance, I'd rather be a pain in the arse cuddling a wriggly baby in 8 weeks than the other option.


Also, we ordered the cot and changer last night from John Lewis. Coming in 2 weeks! Yeeeek!


I've got a Big Ole Head! - 12 weeks

November 2006

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